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Architectural Antiques

& Home Decor

Handcrafted Artifacts From Franklin County, Missouri


Practical and distinctive, the products on this page are built and restored by hand with care and respect for the old-world craftspeople who embodied the work ethic and attention to detail that ensures they endure.

About Us

Griffin Customs is the retirement project/labor of love of lifetime Missourians and unabashedly “country folk” Mark and Karen Griffin. Born and raised in St. Louis and Boone counties, the Griffins share a lifetime appreciation of rural living, old-time quality craftsmanship, and homespun creativity. 


They make a variety of decorative wood, metal, and fabric home accessories from their workshops 40 miles west of St. Louis.


Both retired in the 2010s after distinguished careers: 36 years in law enforcement for Mark; more than 34 years in financial aid administration for Karen, most recently as director of the East Central College office. 


Active and “crafty” during their formative and working years, Karen and Mark are grateful that retirement gives them the time to enjoy a slower pace the health and skill to remain active creating beautiful, useful, items that are both chic and sentimental. An active 4H’er, Karen participated in equestrian and needlecraft competitions as a child and teenager. Mark, always “good with his hands,” honed his craft during off-duty hours while serving on the police force. He restored two post-war Ford tractors – 1948 and 1949 8N models – including one rebuilt to resemble “Ol’ Henry,” the tractor Karen’s dad, a veteran of WWII, used on their farm when she was growing up. 


Now Mark spends much of his days stripping rust, priming, sanding, and assembling a variety of wood and metalcrafts in his workshop out back. Meanwhile, Karen is busy sewing, embroidering, and fashioning a variety of textile arts in her renovated studio. The results of their efforts bring a homey touch to any interior or exterior décor. Perfectly suited for homes that incorporate farmhouse style, Griffin Customs products also blend well with any room that you want to project a warm, inviting, unpretentious vibe. Their creations evoke nostalgia for the good old days while their quality materials and workmanship stand up to the rigors of today’s modern lifestyles.


In response to popular demand, the Griffins have brought their custom craftwork online. They invite you to browse their most asked-for items: mailbox coin chests, fireplace surrounds, ornaments, and custom birdhouses. Griffin Customs can create a variety of other products, including knickknack shelves, wall hangings, linens, and lamps. While they keep a limited inventory stashed away in closets and under beds, they are happy to build your memento from scratch. In some cases, they can even disassemble, reverse engineer, and customize something they have already fashioned to meet your specifications. Karen and Mark do all the work themselves – heck, in addition to her work and detailing some of her husband’s coin banks, Karen even processes the orders and takes the pictures you see on this site – so customizations may take a while to finish. Order early if you’re buying a Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present!

About Us
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